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Rockets For Sale

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Hi everyoneI was contacted by a guy, who after the death of a friend ended up with some interesting rockets and kits. In addition he has some building supplies. There are 1. 2 very light weight 29mm rockets with parachutes.2. A very nice launch pad with 90 deg. Blast deflector3. An Aerotech IQSY Tomahawk kit4. 3 launch pad kitsa. Bullpupb. Nike Ajaxc. Phoenix5. A really nice build 18mm Bullpup6. An original Estes Saturn V partially builtHe did very good work. If there is enough interest in these kits, he will bring them to the launch. He is willing to sell the whole lot or individual pieces. I am attaching pictures. Please let me know if I should ask him to come out on Sunday.ThanksRon