Locations & Directions

C.R.A.S.H. launches at two locations with our primary site moved to our new Ft Lupton site.


The entrance gate is located at 40.08743, -104.73485 on County Road 14. 


The simplest way to get there is from Ft. Lupton – exit Highway 85, take 1st St. east to Denver Ave, turn north on Denver Ave. to 9th St, take 9th St. to the east, when 9th St. goes from paved road to dirt road, drive another 2 miles and the gate is to the north. Proceed through the gate and fasten the chain after you pass through. Continue north for ~0.78 miles (DO NOT TURN RIGHT at 0.52 miles as we did in the past) up the telephone lines northward to the parking area on your right. See the map below.

We require that you keep the gate closed and secured with the chain, drive slowly, and stay on the road until you get to our site.

Google Map Directions (DO NOT Take the Speer Canal Access Road that is shown on Google; use the Highway 85 route as your primary)

Currently, there are no restroom facilities on site. We are looking at options for that, so please be aware when you head out. When you get to Ft Lupton, please make a pit stop before heading to the site.

Local Rules for the Ft. Lupton Launch Site
This 260-acre site is administered by the Colorado State Land Board; we are leasing the land on a yearly basis. Please keep the site clean and stay on the dirt roads. You will be crossing a section of private land when you turn northward through the gate off of 9th St. Please drive slowly and respect the landowner’s privacy and property. Without the kindness of the landowner, we would not be able to access the site.

If your rocket lands outside of the launch area beyond the fences, you MUST NOTIFY THE RANGE OFFICERS; do not exit the fences without permission. When permission to retrieve your rocket is granted, exit through the fence – DO NOT CLIMB ON IT. These are private lands outside of the fences and must be respected.



The old location which we MAY be able to use from time to time is still at Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood, Colorado. To get to the park, take C-470 to Morrison Road, and head east on Morrison about 1/4 mile to the park entrance on the right. Go through the main gate (there is a $10.00/vehicle fee), and go left at the first stop sign. Go about 2 miles and turn left at the next stop sign. Follow the road to the parking lot on the right. Our launch site is at the Mountain View parking site. Large groups must get advanced launch approval which helps the organization ensure proper resources will be available.

Please note that Bear Creek Lake Park charges $10 cash per vehicle to enter the park. The City of Lakewood uses that fee to maintain the park, none of that fee is paid directly to C.R.A.S.H.

Click here for Google Maps view of our launch site from which you may obtain driving directions.

There are some very important points to remember about launching rockets at Bear Creek Lake Park:

DO NOT climb the face of the dam at any time. If your rocket should happen to land on the dam, please take the road up to the north end of the dam and walk across the top to retrieve your rocket.

Other details for both sites

Review the full list of our Club Launch Rules and NAR Safety Rules. Each launch will require a C.R.A.S.H. Flight Card to be filled out. These cards are made available at the launch site or you can choose to print your own flight cards and have them filled out when you arrive. If possible, print your flight cards on thicker, card stock paper.

DO NOT launch any rockets at either location except during scheduled club activities. This is due to our club having insurance through the NAR, and established rocketry safety procedures.