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Launch Status Update

Go For Launch

CRASH holds sport launches twice each month year 'round. Please note there will not be a launch on July 5th. Launches are held on the first Sunday at Noon and the third Saturday at 10:00 AM at Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood. Everyone is welcome to attend.  There is no fee for launching with us, but contributions are welcome, and will help us maintain and improve our equipment.

CRASH is National Association of Rocketry Section 482.  We conduct all of our launches in accordance with the Model Rocket Safety Code.

CRASH conducts FAA-notified, non-waivered launches. This means that we can fly rockets with a maximum gross liftoff weight of 1,500 grams (approximately 3.3 lbs., or 52 oz.), and a propellant weight limit of 125 grams. This propellant limit includes some 38mm AeroTech reloadable H-class motors (H123, H242), as well as a few others. If you are unsure if a certain motor - or combination of motors - is permitted, please ask before flying.

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NARAM 58 Events

PMC Plastic Model Conversion

E SCA (altimeter) E Scale Altitude with Altimeter.

G SD G Streamer Duration.

D RG MR (per Rule 9.12 we are prohibiting use of Radio Control in the event , i.e. free flight only), D rocket glide multi round duration

C PD MR C parachute duration multi round

A HD A helicopter duration

½ A SRA (altimeter). 1/2A super roc altitude with altimeter.

OSL Open Spot Landing

R&D research and development

Most of these will not find a place at the BMMRC. C parachute duration should be interesting, since the goal will not be the best time, but to recover your rocket twice. I just hope the provide neck rubs for the timers.

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Did you lose an altimeter on 3/21 or 3/22

We found an altimeter. Please contact Ron (Ron_Coffee at hotmail dot com or 303.913.395 five), with the make and model.

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2015 Bruce Markielewski Memorial Rocket Contest

March 21 - 22 10:00AM - 4:00PM

Events Points
B Rocket Glider Duration 21
B Altitude (Altimeter) 11
A Streamer Duration 8
B Helicopter Duration 21
B SuperRoc Altitude (Altimeter) 15
Open Spot Landing 4
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2014 Bruce Markielewski Memorial Rocket Contest - Preliminary results

Here are the preliminary results from the 2014 BMMRC:

Bruce Markielewski Memorial Rocket Contest VIII Results

Bruce Markielewski Memorial Rocket Contest VIII Results

Contestant NAR Number Section A HD C ELD D SRA OSL A PD PRD STA
A Division
Comfort, Jack 96357 565

32.0 / 38.2 UNS 13.89% (41 s)
Comfort, Josie 96356 565

30.2 13

Van Milligan, Allison 88840 482 54 / ROT 64 / 34 78300 20.0 26 / 68 0.0% (35 s) 33.75% (214 m)
Van Milligan, Ashley 93487 482 54 / 67 63 / 31 49284 / 72000 7.0 59 / SEP 33.33% (40 s) 33.13% (213 m)
B Division
Coffee, Zach 88601 482 UNS / 27 EGG / SEP 66900 / 68100 28.0 78 / 54 33.33% (40 s) 3.75% (154 m)
Halpern, Koa 87516 482


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