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NARAM 31 Logo
NARAM 31 – August 7-11, 1989 – Manassas, Virginia

    This was the first NARAM attended by
members of C.R.A.S.H. Representing our group were Club
President Mike Hellmund, and former “A” Division National
Champion (NARAM 24) Kevin Kuczek, now as a member of the
team “East Meets West” (NARAM 27 Team National

    Mike was successful in two “C” Division
events, taking third in “D” Eggloft Altitude, and second
place in “B” Altitude.

   Kevin’s team placed in seven events, taking
first in “B” Altitude, seconds in “1/2A” Parachute
Duration and “C” payload Altitude, thirds in “B” Boost
Glider, “B” Helicopter Duration, and “C” Streamer
Duration, and fourth in “C” Scale Altitude.
 Overall, the East Meets West team took third place
for the meet.

NARAM 32 Logo
NARAM 32 – August 4-11, 1990 – Dallas, Texas

    Once again, C.R.A.S.H.’s Mike
Hellmund, Kevin Kuczek as a member of the “East Meets
West” team<, and “B” Divisioner Todd Schneider (now
flying for COSROCS), attended the national contest.

    Mike placed in one event, a
second in “B” Boost Glider Duration. Todd took home
two trophies, third places in “1/2A” Helicopter and Sport

    East Meets West won the Meet
Championship, with first places in Random Duration (tie),
“D” Dual Eggloft Duration, “A” Streamer Duration, and
second places in “1/2A” Helicopter, “C” Altitude, Sport
Scale, but another National Title eluded them once

NARAM 33 Logo
NARAM 33 – August 3-9, 1991 – Elgin, Illinois

    For the third year in a row, Mike
Hellmund attended the NAR Annual Meet, this time entering
as a team along with first time NARAM participant Bruce
Markielewski. Their team was called the “Peripheral
Visionaries”, and took home places in two events – second
in “A” Payload Altitude (tie), and fourth in “C” Eggloft

    COSROCS’ Todd Schneider also
competed, his first year in “B” Division. Todd took home
trophies in seven events – first in “A” Streamer
Duration,  second places in “1/2A” Parachute
Duration, “B” Boost Glider Duration, Precision
Duration,  and Peanut Scale, third place in Open
Spot Landing,  and fourth place in “B” Eggloft
Altitude.   (More

NARAM 34 Logo
NARAM 34 – August 1-7, 1992 – Las Vegas, Nevada

    In August of 1992, a contingent of
Colorado competitors descended upon Eldorado Dry Lake for
a week of hot desert rocketry competition. representing
COSROCS were Todd Schneider and his parents, Dave Nauer,
and Warren Layfield. Representing C.R.A.S.H., Bruce
Markielewski participated in his second NARAM, this time
as a “C” Division competitor.

    Todd did well in “B” Division, taking
home nine trophies. He had first places in “A” Parachute
Duration and “D” Flexi-wing Duration, seconds in “B”
Streamer Duration, “1/4A” Rocket Glider Duration, and “E”
Super-roc Altitude, third places in “F” Helicopter
Duration and Research and Development, and fourth in
“1/2A” Boost Glider Duration.

    In “C” Division, Bruce had first
places in “B” Streamer Duration and  Plastic Model
Conversion, and second places in Research and Development
and “1/4A” Rocket Glider Duration, finishing sixth
nationally. Dave did even better, with firsts in Research
and Development and “C” Eggloft Altitude, second places
in “F” Helicopter Duration and Super Scale, and third in
“D” Flexi-wing Duration. Dave also finished in second
place as the Reserve National Champion!    (More Info)

NARAM 36 Logo

NARAM 36 – July 23-28, 1994 – Houston, Texas

    Kevin Kuczek was C.R.A.S.H.’s sole
representative at this meet, this time entering as a “C”
Division competitor. Kevin took first places in “E” Dual
Eggloft Altitude and “F” Streamer Duration, second places
in “A” Helicopter Duration, “D” Altitude and “C” Rocket
Glider, third place in Scale, and fourth in “1/2A”
Parachute Duration.

    With his eight places in the
individual events, Kevin won the “C” Division National
Championship. Also, for the first time, C.R.A.S.H. placed
as a NAR Section, winning fourth place nationally,
largely due to Kevin’s impressive performance!
  (More Info)

NARAM 37 Logo
NARAM 37 – July 22-28, 1995 – Geneseo, New York

    C.R.A.S.H. had no members representing
the club at this NARAM. Surprisingly,  we won one of
the NAR’s most prestigious awards – the L.A.C. Newsletter
Trophy. The award (also known as the “Rockwell
Trophy”)  is given to the best NAR Section
newsletter for the contest year.

    Our newsletter, “C.R.A.S.H. Landings”
was selected as the winner over many fine rocketry
publications throughout the country.   (More Info)

NARAM 38 Logo
NARAM 38 – August 2-10, 1996 – Evansville, Illinois

    Todd Schneider (COSROCS) and Bruce
Markielewski (C.R.A.S.H.) represented Colorado at this

    Todd was entering as a “C” Division
competitor for the first time at a national contest. Todd
didn’t enter many events, but took first in “A”

    Bruce won first place in Sport Scale,
third in Spot Landing, and fourth in “A” Altitude. Bruce
also took home the dreaded “Best Midwest Qualified
Flight” award – for the worst flight of the week!
   (More Info)

NARAM 39 Logo
NARAM 39 – July 28 – August 1, 1997 – Tucson, Arizona

    Once again, Todd Schneider and Bruce
Markielewski attended the national meet, this time
accompanied by C.R.A.S.H. members Todd Williams and Ed
O’Neill. All were competing in “C” Division.

    Ed took first place in Sport Scale,
second in “1/4A” Helicopter, and third place in “1/2A”
Streamer Multi-round. Ed also tied for third place for
the meet.

    Bruce was third in “1/4A” Helicopter,
and fourth place in the National Championship race. Bruce
also won his second “Best Midwest Qualified Flight” in a
row, having been nominated for the dubious award in two
events.    (More

NARAM 40 Logo
NARAM 40 – August 8-14, 1998 – Muncie, Indiana

    Two of the newer C.R.A.S.H. members,
Mel and Paul Gray attended this NARAM. For both, this was
their first National contest, and the first contest of
any kind for Paul.

    Competing in “B” Division, Paul won
third places in “1/4A” Parachute Duration and Sport
Scale, and a fourth place in “A” Boost Glider Duration.
   (More Info)

NARAM 41 Logo
NARAM 41 – August 7-13, 1999 – Pittsburgh,

    Paul and Mel Gray attended their
second NARAM, this time joined by Todd and Kathleen
Williams and their family.

    Paul took first in “B” Rocket Glider
and Research and Development, third places in “1/2A’
Super-roc Altitude and “B” Eggloft Duration, and fourth
places in “A” Helicopter Duration, “C” Payload Altitude,
“A” Streamer Duration, and Open Spot Landing. Paul was
also fourth place for the meet.

    Christiana Williams, competing in “A”
Division, took home fourth place in “B” Rocket Glider
Duration.   (More

NARAM 2000 Logo  
NARAM 42 – July 29 – August 4, 2000 – Canon City,

    As one of the host Sections,
C.R.A.S.H. (along with COSROCS, and Tripoli Colorado) had
many members attend, contribute, compete, and be
successful at the first Colorado NARAM in 31 years.

    In “B” Division, Paul Gray won second
place for the meet, was second in the National
Championship race. New C.R.A.S.H. member James Snow was
third for the meet. In “C” Division,  Rick Hyman was
fourth in the meet championships, Ed O’Neill was second,
and Bruce Markielewski was first. Bruce also won the “C”
Division National Championship.

    C.R.A.S.H. was third in the Section
Championships, and also won the NAR’s prestigious Section
of the Year Award. C.R.A.S.H. members and as a club took
home 37 of the trophies awarded!    (More Info)   (Awards)

NARAM 43 Logo
NARAM 43 – August 4-10, 2001 –
Genesseo, New York

    Randy Chambers competed in his second
NARAM, and was the only C.R.A.S.H. representative this

    Randy competed in all of the “A”
Division events, and qualified in every one, and 
took second place in “1/2A” Flexi-wing Boost Glider
Duration event.